Direct secondary in highest performing private technology companies


Who We Are

Allinvest Capital Partners (ACP) was established in 2019 by veteran Private Markets investors, active in both primary and secondary transactions since the early 2000's.

ACP is aligned to a fundamental shift that technology companies are staying private longer and need transitional capital to provide liquidity to early investors, founders and employees. We believe that Direct secondary will emerge as a major market within the private and the VC industry over the next few years. 


As a member of Allinvest, ACP benefits from the synergies and the expertise of a European leading investment and advisory financial firm.

Our Business



ACP provides liquidity to shareholders (VC funds  and other early investors, founders and employees) of late stage and growth companies in Europe and in the US

Investors liquidity

Technology companies now takes 10-12 years to get to an IPO or M&A. This journey is too long for most investors. Plus, angel investors and seed funds often meet their return goals well before the final exit.

Our goal is to provide liquidity to early investors in order to monetize and de-risk high performing and late stage investments, accelerate distribution path to LPs, recycle cash into promising early stage companies with superior upside or address end of fund life constraints.


Employees liquidity


Even in well advanced and successful private tech companies, founders are still working on a start-up salary and have great but still illiquid paper wealth. Plus, competition to retain and attract the best talents is fierce. 

Our goal is to provide liquidity to founders and employees to realize a portion of their wealth, buy out former employees to clean cap table or retain the best talents by accelerating employees benefit schemes. 

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Allinvest is an independent leading financial advisory firm fully committed to provide entrepreneurs, managers and shareholders best in class services across every stages of their companies growth.

Since its creation in 2006, the Group has built and developed a full range of expertise across four main pillars:

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High expertise and creative vision of financial engineering advisory with+300 executed    transactions  since creation 

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Leading stockbroker, N°1 on Euronext markets and recognized specialist in Real Estate and Technology

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Dedicated team to Private Assets investments and advisory support with a specialisation on direct secondary transactions

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Our Job Offers

At ACP, we don’t just think about recruitment; we invest in retention and development.


Our objective is to recognize talent, respect hard work and reward success.

Contact us at info@all-invest.com


Tel. : +33 1 44 88 77 88

73 bd. Haussmann
75008 Paris